RFOptic has a long track record of supplying governmental institutes and defense system integrators with advanced technologies for a wide variety of defense and homeland security applications. Leveraging our expertise in RF optical modules and RF system design, RFOptic provides a suite of ruggedized products that meet the reliability and durability requirements of customers in the aerospace, defense & homeland security markets.

Our RFOptic family of products encompasses Optical Delay Line (ODL) solutions that support up to 8 individual delay lines, while our progressive ODL solutions support up to 255 delay lines, programmable RF over Fiber compact modules that convert RF signals to optical signals and back, and customized products.

Remote Antennas:

  • Antenna remoting and/or base station locations
  • Antenna diversity
  • Phase Array antennas
  • Consolidate and simplify operations
  • Back-up redundant facilities
  • Possible because of fiber’s low RF loss
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Ideal for marine, aircraft, and towers
  • 1/10 weight of coax, 1/25 of waveguide
  • Easy installation – flexible and thin
  • Lends itself to redundancy and cable routing diversity

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