Optical RF Applications

RF Over Fiber technology is used for remote antenna cable replacement. The solution comprises of two (2) parts Tx, which is located usually near the antenna and remote site where the Rx is located.

RFOptic uses in fiber-optic infrastructure that replaces long, heavy and costly high-frequency RF cables. The highly integrated RF over Fiber products are designed to simplify the conversion of analog (and digital) RF signals to optical signals and back in various hybrid RF/fiber-optic environments.

RFOptic’s products are ideal for marine and airborne phase array radar, balloon-based communication systems. RFOptic Optical Delay Line (ODL) products are used for radar testing, radar calibration and other defense applications such as electronic warfare systems. The ODL is also a useful tool for telecommunications testing and simulating channel delays with high accuracy.

RFOptic’s programmable RFoF product line solves the problem of the diagnostic tools.

Remote Antennas:

  • Antenna remoting and/or base station locations
  • Antenna diversity
  • Phase Array antennas
  • Consolidate and simplify operations
  • Backing up redundant facilities
  • Possible due to fiber’s low RF loss
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Ideal for marine, aircraft and towers
  • 1/10 weight of coax, 1/25 of waveguide
  • Easy installation – Flexible and thin
  • Lends itself to redundancy and cable routing diversity

Remote Antenna Applications | RF Over Fiber Converters