RF Over Fiber MiniQ Series (12GHz – 40GHz)

Our RF over Fiber Mini modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back. The Tx unit using an optical transmitter converts RF to Optical signal, and the Rx unit converts Optical to RF signal. The two units are connected by the customer’s fiber.

A wide range of spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) is desirable when multiple signals of very different power levels are expected. RFOptic’s MiniQ series 12GHz, 18GHz, 20GHz, 30GHz, and 40GHz RFoF solutions provide SFDR better than -112dB/Hz. High SFDR is obtained as a result of High 1dB Input compression point and relatively low Noise Figure. Noise Figure may be lowered still with suitable pre-amplifiers.

Applications include distributed antenna, satcom, radio telescopes, EW, and communications.