RF Over Fiber Mini Series (12GHz – 18GHz)

Our RF over Fiber Mini modules convert RF signals to optical signals and back supporting extended range wideband transmission.

The Tx unit using an optical transmitter converts RF to Optical signal, and the Rx unit converts Optical to RF signal. The two units are connected by the customer’s fiber.

The Mini modules (RFoF) are suitable for telecommunications, radar, satellite and point-to-point antennas which can be connected from several meters to many kilometers away from the control room.

These RFoF modules are based on indirect modulation and include 12GHz, and 18GHz modules.

Parameters such as Gain, P1dB and Noise Figure can be customized upon request.

Applications include remote antenna, EW, radar, and military communications.

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If you are looking for units from our MiniQ series units in the 18GHz – 40GHz range, please click here.